Microsoft Experiences '17

In October 2016, Microsoft experiences’16 was organized with inwink and, by all accounts, was a great success. Clearly satisfied with this 1st experience, Microsoft France decided to orchestrate its experiences’17 entirely with inwink again ! A vote of strong confidence in our platform, of which we are very proud. The event took place on 3rd and 4th of October 2017 in Paris, and gathered more than 15,000 attendees for a rich program of keynotes, workshops and briefing sessions on the broad subject of Artificial Intelligence.
After the success of Microsoft experiences’16, we have decided to renew our confidence in the inwink platform for the 2017 edition of this major annual event. We need the functional power and robustness of a platform which has proven itself by handling successfully our largest and most complex event of the year. inwink’s comprehensive functional scope empowers our event team to efficiently prepare, orchestrate and deliver this complex event.
Phuong-Ly NGO PATRON, Responsable Marketing Communication, MICROSOFT France